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1. international #T3HÜTTENGAUDI

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Because I got asked by participants of #T3BOARD19, if it would be possible to have a small summer event on a mountain lodge in Tyrol, I decided to organise such an event for the very first time in summer 2019.

SAVE the DATE: the event is scheduled from Friday 28th of June to Sunday 30th of June 2019.

At the moment I am collecting information about lodges and what the people might expect from such an event. Therefore it would be very helpful, if all people, willing to participate that event, to register here, so I could go on with further plannings. That registration is non-binding, the final booking will most likely happen directly between you and the "Hüttenwirt" by submitting also a code for our contingent I could maybe block for our participants.

I collected already some information:

Price: estimate around € 120,-  for 2 nights with half boarding. This obviously depends vastly on which lodge we decide for. But for now that price-estimation should be fine. The event participation itself will be free, similar to T3BOARD.

Accessibility: the lodge itself will most likely be reachable by car, taxi or cable-car. But in the end you must remember: we will be in a high-alpine region which will add some barriers obviously, and also the lodge itself most likely won't be completely barrier-free.


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