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5. international TYPO3 Hüttengaudi: #T3HÜTTENGAUDI

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In June 2023 some mountain-lovers of the TYPO3 community will meet again in Tyrols mountains on a mountain shelter for a weekend to discuss TYPO3 and IT topcis and enjoy the wonderful meals, mountains and views in Tyrol.
This time we will meet at Maria Waldrast, a place of traditional christian pilgrimage since more than 500 years, directly at the foot of King Serles.

SAVE the DATE: the event is scheduled from Friday23th of June to Sunday 25th of June 2023.

We will arrive on Friday, June 23rd and plan for a high alpine tour up to the peaks of Serles on Saturday. Departure will be on Sunday.

The "mountain shelter" is a small mountain-hotel at 1638 meters above sealevel and offers a little bit more comfort than we used to have on the huts/shelters the past years. No need for a ticking (Hüttenschlafsack) this time!

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Prices are pretty moderate. Estimate about € 180,- per person for 2 nights in a double room, including half-boarding. Your drinks will add some amount on top, depending on your consumations. ;)

All payments will be done directly with the hut/mountain shelter/hotel!

The hut / mountain shelter / hotel is reachable by foot or mountainbike, and also by car via a small street, which we are allowed to use as guests.

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