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4. international TYPO3 Hüttengaudi: #T3HÜTTENGAUDI

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In June 2022 some mountain-lovers of the TYPO3 community will meet again in Tyrols mountains on a mountain shelter for a weekend to discuss TYPO3 and IT topcis and enjoy the wonderful meals, mountains and views in Tyrol.
This time we will meet again at the Meißnerhaus in the Viggartal.

SAVE the DATE: the event is scheduled from Friday24th of June to Sunday 26th of June 2022.

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Special feature: traditional bonfires (sacred heart fires)!

On Saturday evening, after dinner, we will walk about 45 minutes up to Boscheben, like some of us did already in 2019. Up there we will have a fantastic panoramic view on the traditional bonfires around Innsbruck, which are being lit in the remembrance of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ. This is a traditional Tyrolean thing since more than 200 years, and should remember the successful defence of Tyrol against the aggressor Napoleon in 1796. The fires are lit on the mountains of the historic Tyrol, that means, in North-, East- and South-Tyrol, as well as in Trentino and also in the Ladinian villages of Col, Fodom/Buchenstein and Cortina d’Ampëz/Ampezzo.

It's a spectacular thing to see, no matter if you are Christian or not, so you should not miss that, if you are in Tyrol at that time of the year!

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Prices are pretty moderate, although we do not have the final costs yet. Estimate about € 50,- per Person and night, including half-boarding. This is meant for members of Alpenverein who will receive a small discount.
See pricelist here:

All payments will be done directly with the hut/mountain shelter! CASH ONLY!
Due to the situation at the mountain shelter, concerning Internet connectivity, there is no option to pay with card, so please do not forget to bring some money in cash!


The mountain shelter is usally reachable by foot or mountainbike. The hut keeper offers transportation to the shelter, specially for your luggage.

Impressions of T3HÜTTENGAUDI 2019

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